Book Review: This Is My cat

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Reading Level: 2 (Reading With help due to mid-range length and some challenging vocabulary)

Reading Length: 3-5 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)

Illustration: Cute, simple, cartoon

Age Target: 1-6 Years of Age

Author: Sherry Skovgaard

Author’s Page: Sherry Skovgaard

Book purchase Page: This is My cat – Amazon Paperback – $9.25

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Het verhaal

This Is My cat is a storybook for children and toddlers by Sherry Skovgaard.  The story at first reads like a nursery rhyme, with a cause and effect story line.  The book begins with a little girl and her cat (hence, the name of the book).  The cat startles a dog, who in turn bites a mailman, who then spills his mail that takes off in the wind (and travels across town).  In the end, all the kids in town end up sliding down a huge outdoor water slide.  The story ends with the little girl hugging her cat and telling us all just how much she loves it.

Who doesn’t love their cat?

As I said above, the story is entirely cause and effect.  It’s my favorite thing about the book because it’s a ideal format for young children.  It keeps their attention incredibly well, and it drives home understanding.  I could see the book’s effective format when both my child and I were giggling much more and much more at each page in the book.  Each event (cause and effect) was a little much more fun than the last, and each one built on the previous.

Another thing I love about the book is its positivity.  As you relocation through the pages of the story, each event causes a greater reaction, and eventually we end up in what appears to be a catastrophe.  It would have been very easy for our author to leave the book on a negative note.  Instead, she chose to turn it all around and create a fun and positive ending.  The kids all end up with a massive water slide instead of the water tower being ruined.  This leaves the reader feeling pleased and satisfied with the conclusion.

Gerelateerd hoe kinderen kunnen helpen zich ten volle uit te drukken

The Illustrations

The illustrations in This is My cat are extremely cute.  They’re reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon.  There are nothing but cute, easy characters that are fun to look at.  At the same time, they don’t draw attention away from the story.  I like the choice of keeping the illustrations simplistic because it lets children focus on the main elements of the story, and for that reason helps to maximize their learning.

Now, I’m not saying the illustrations are boring.  In fact, they’re full of detail and colors that help tell the story.  They’re bright and creative, and I couldn’t find any that I would have modified.  The characters are always expressing their emotions, which may help them feel much more real to children.

So numerous cars!

Het vonnis

Sherry Skovgaard is an outstanding kid’s author, and This is My cat is a must-have addition to any child’s library. and at only $9.25 USD for a paperback copy of the book, it’s quite affordable.  The format of the book is top notch, the illustrations are ideal for young children, and I love the positive outlook. Head over to Amazon and pick up this child’s cat book now!

Thanks for reading…with your children!

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